Discover the all-new 3D Printer, uPrint Plus, that fits every budget.

Uprint plus splash imageuPrint Plus expands the uPrint product line, bridging the price points between uPrint and Dimension 3D Printers.  Also, uPrint Plus offers more features than the uPrint base model.

uPrint Plus Key Features include:

Colors: You can now print your concepts in eight different colors:  ivory, red, blue, black, gray, orange, fluorescent yellow and olive green.

Size: uPrint Plus offers you a 33% larger build envelope than uPrint:  8 x 8 x 6 inches
(203 x 203 x 152 mm), 384 cu in (6,283 cm).

Resolution: uPrint Plus users can now choose from two layer resolutions:  0.010 in (0.254 mm) or 0.013 in (0.33 mm).  With uPrint Plus you can print 30% faster in 0.013 in layers.

SR-30 Soluble Supports: Sometimes faster is better!  The SR-30 soluble supports dissolve 69% faster in agitation tanks and 46% in ultrasonic tanks, while saving time and money!

SMART Supports: Save Material And Reduce Time.  This new support structure uses up to 40% less support material, decreasing part cost and print time (average 14%).  SMART Supports are available for all CatalystEX 4.1 users.

User Friendly:
•    uPrint Plus is now easier to set-up and use.
•    Users can select their native language upon start-up so there`s no second guessing their next step.
•    Assembly instructions just got easier.  New step-by-step documentation with easy to follow diagrams included with every uPrint Plus.

Available Now: Do not wait any longer, shipping has begun!  For more information, please contact our Sales Department at +1 (877) 876-5439 ext. #112

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