The 3DVIA Scenes application is a new product to create a 3D environment.

hat is 3DVIA Scenes?

This application allows you to communicate and design in 3D through an online immersive experience where you can move around freely in a virtual world and even invite others to do the same.  And, of course, you can apply all your SolidWorks models.

Who could use this application?

• Interior Designers
• Consumers
• Game Developers
• Commercial Real-Estate Marketing
• For anyone who wants to share and experience a 3D creation online in an intuitive and interactive interface.

3DVia Scenes

This application is free for only a non-commercial user.

The interface is intuitive and easy to use.  A 3D World which anyone can create, allowing common 3D format files, a collaborative environment, with a vision for the future.  You can easily move into a virtual environment with your avatar and invite your employees, customers and partners to interact with you in this environment, something that even James Cameron would be slightly jealous of.

Unfortunately, not all internet browsers are supported.  Only Internet Explorer 6 or 7 and Mozilla Firefox 3.0 currently work.  3DVIA Scenes application is compatible with Windows XP and/or Vista.  At the moment, there is no compatibility with Windows 7.

3DVIA Scenes is a highly recommended application that is free!

Link to 3DVIA Scenes

Link to Frequently asked questions about 3DVIA Scenes

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